Five, Five Year Visas on the Way

This last week has been a whirlwind of maintaining the church, language studies, and four all day trips to Timișoara (a city about an hour and half from where we live) as we attempted to finalize the requirements for our visas. Friday afternoon marked the end of our fight with red tape and long lines with toddlers in tow. We’ve been told that Romania is going to grant us five year visas.  This is a huge step. Now we wait a month and have faith that the promise will become a reality. Thank you to everyone who has been praying about our visas. Being promised the five year visas instead of one year visas is a huge answer to prayer. It will save us thousands of dollars over the next half decade and many many driving hours and time spent in long lines. We can’t express our gratitude for your prayers enough.


3 thoughts on “Five, Five Year Visas on the Way

    • Jessica is the fifth person. She doesn’t plan to stay five years, of course. But we thought we should all get the same paperwork to minimize confusion and because one year papers and five year papers cost the same.

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