Visas Are In and Caption Contest

When we first entered Romania in August we began the process of securing our residence visas. After at least twenty visa-related three-hour trips to the county seat we finally have our visas in-hand. The only disappointment is that we were only granted one-year visas. This is a disappointment because one-year and five-year visas both cost the same, and we’re talking thousands of dollars here. It also means that to remain in the country past November, we will have to go through the entire process again.

The official at the immigration office indicated that we were granted one-year visas rather than the three-year visas because our rental contract is only for one year. If we owned a home or had signed a five-year rental agreement, we would have been granted a longer visa. Please pray for us as we continue to serve, trust, and learn how to serve the Lord here in Romania. We are happy to be here legally now.

Well, at least four of us our happy to be here. We’re not quite sure what to make of Athan’s expression. It just seems to be begging a laugh.  Caption suggestions are welcome.


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