Occupy Bucharest???!!!

For the last few days protestors have been turning out in mass especially in Bucharest, Romania’s capital and largest city, but also in smaller cities like ours. No one is entirely clear on what the protests are about because right now the movement is lacking a strong leading spokesperson. However, it is clear that the Romanians are fed up with their corrupt government, extremely stratified society, and dysfunctional socialized medical system.

This site contains editorials translated into English. Some of the editorials are quite impassioned and beautifully written.


And this site includes footage from the Bucharest protests.

Romanian Revolution 2012


2 thoughts on “Occupy Bucharest???!!!

  1. Joshua and Laurel, I regret having been away from my computer for awhile. The blog you sent has been removed. Very sorry I missed it. Have not missed praying for you, though. I am committed to doing that three times a day at this time. God bless you for your faith, committment and efforts.

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