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The Bible studies below on The Gospel of Mark may be downloaded and used free of charge. Each study is designed for your personal devotional study throughout the week combined with weekly discussion in a group setting. The questions were first written for discussion in a Sunday School setting, followed by a Sunday morning sermon on the same text. Most of those sermons are available below (in English translated into Romanian). Feel free to use any part of these resources in any setting that you believe will be helpful for spiritual growth and a fuller knowledge of God.

The entire series of questions (26 weeks worth) is available for download here

in English on standard US letter paper

in English on A4 paper

in Romanian on A4 paper

The lessons and messages are available to download separately below (in A4 sized-paper only). If you discover any errors in spelling or formatting, please feel free to contact us by e-mail ( We also welcome any comments as to how you are using the studies and/or how they have been a blessing.









Lessons Individually Packaged

Week 1: Mark 1:1-20 (English) (Românește) (sermon not recorded: Repent and Believe)

Week 2: Mark 1:21-45 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Jesus’ Authority)

Week 3: Mark 2:1-22 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Forgiveness and Joy)

Week 4: Mark 2:23-3:35 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Relationship or Hardened Heart?)

Week 5: Mark 4:1-34 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Fruitfulness)

Week 6: Mark 4:35–5:43 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Fear vs. Faith)

Week 7: Mark 6:1-29 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Evangelism and Rejection)

Week 8: Mark 6:30-56 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Hard Hearts and a Hard Lesson)

Week 9: Mark 7:1-37 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Worthless Worship)

Week 10: Mark 8:1-21 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Spiritual Forgetfulness)

Week 11: Mark 8:22-9:1 (English) (Românește) (sermon not recorded: Your Mindset)

Week 12: Mark 9:2–32 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Only by Prayer)

Week 13: Mark 9:33–50 (English) (Românește) (sermon: True Greatness)

Week 14: Mark 10:1–31 (English) (Românește) (sermon not recorded: Childlike Faith)

Week 15: Mark 10:32–52 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Servant-Leadership)

Week 16: Mark 11:1–33 (English) (Românește) (sermon not recorded: Hypocritical Submission)

Week 17: Mark 12:1–27 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Self-destructive Rebellion)

Week 18: Mark 12:28–44 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Love)

Week 19: Mark 13:1–37 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Are You Ready?)

Week 20: Mark 14:1–25 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Conditional Worship)

Week 21: Mark 14:26–52 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Failure Without a Prayer)

Week 22: Mark 14:53–72 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Despised and Rejected)

Week 23: Mark 15:1–20 (English) (Românește) (sermon: Like a Lamb to the Slaughter)

Week 24: Mark 15:21–47 (English) (Românește) (sermon: A Meaningful Death)

Week 25: Mark 16:1–8 (English) (Românește) (sermon: A Victorious Life)

Week 26: Mark  (English) (Românește) (Review of Mark)





Some study questions are taken or adapted from BSF’s “Mark Study Series” or John MacArthur’s Mark Study Book.